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We want to help!

Here at Paragon, we understand the meaning of "there is no "I" in team". Our goal is to work together with your current team! We want to connect, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Even as experts in our field, we know there is always a more efficient way! Studies show the most thriving businesses have a diverse team of people who can contribute individual ideas.


"When he took time to help the man up the mountain, he scaled it himself."


Let's put all of our great minds together and truly transform your practice! 



Insurance Billing

We chase the money while

you treat the patients!


Our dental billing service offers weekly follow-up on all aged and denied claims, claim submission to include required documentation, and posting of all insurance payments. Enjoy the confidence of your claims being posted properly and efficiently, maximizing profits while minimizing accounting errors. 

Patient Billing

Offer your patients a

professional billing department!


Our patient billing service offers electronic statements/letters, clean up of bad debt from aging, additional add-on services, and a dedicated billing department including a phone line. Patients are directly routed to the  billing department dedicated just for your practice. This allows the in-office phone lines to remain available and focus to be on the schedule and optimized patient care. 

 **please note patient billing is only available as an add-on to insurance billing 

Why Us?

  • 100% remote via a HIPAA compliant connection, eliminating turnover and freeing valuable office space

  • 25+ combined years of experience and knowledge at the same rate as an entry-level candidate

  • Dedicated team members backed by an entire team of billing specialists

  • Guidance for proper chart notes, documentation, insurance breakdowns and verification, etc.

  • Help implementing innovative and successful practice protocols

  • Extra support in identifying any potential for hardship such as fraud, embezzlement, etc.

  • Security during difficult times, such as continued cash flow during the shutdown for Covid-19

  • Daily reporting with complete transparency and assurance that we are meeting your expectations

  • We perform routine Quality Assurance reviews for the life of our relationship to ensure we are consistently meeting our promises and your expectations. 

  • Save costs you would typically spend on a traditional employee like training, employee benefit packages, employer taxes, and SO much more!

  • HIPAA certified and we invest in continuing education 

  • No long-term contracts and competitive, affordable, and reasonable rates

  • Compatible with almost all softwares

Ready to transform your practice?

Mental Note: 

take the risk.

Don't let the unknown  

stop you from progressing.

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