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We Are Paragon Dental Solutions


To deliver services through proven methods to contribute to your practice's long-term growth and success. We are dedicated to helping dentists and their entire team reach their highest level of professional success.

par·​a·​gon |\ˈper-ə-ˌgän/ a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

Core Values

Excellence- Committed to being the best leaders, trusted advisors, and experts in our field.


Sense of Urgency- providing relentless results with speed and efficiency.


Dependable-resourceful, reliable, and dedicated to improvement.

Accountable- holding ourselves to the highest standard of honesty for all outcomes, good or bad.


Integrity- Our company is built on our word. We are transparent and committed to doing what's best for our customers 100% of the time.


Oh, Hey!

I'm Shasta

And I am a professional and passionate individual whose underlying mission is to help you reach new levels of prospering success. I am the Founder and CEO of Paragon Dental Solutions and I have 15 years of experience in dental billing, consulting, and team/individual training. I truly enjoy delivering our services and aspire to always exceed the client's expectations. I am originally from sweet home Alabama but have moved around quite a bit as my husband is in the Air Force. I have two grown kiddos and two sweet pups, love being outdoors and active, relaxing at the beach, and enjoy traveling this beautiful world of ours. I hold a Bachelors in International  Business, am fluent in Spanish, admire a good challenge,  am known as the "Open Dental Guru", and possess exceptional organizational skills, which is a necessity in the world of dental billing. I spent my first three years in the remote world doing contract work for eAssist Dental Solutions. While with eAssist, I learned from some of the most renowned experts in the field, participated in a program that allowed me to mentor dental billing specialists, and was awarded Account Executive of the Year. I am beyond grateful for the knowledge and confidence gained while working with this fantastic company! eAssist was a pivotal step on my path to achieving my ultimate goal of serving dental offices to my absolute best ability. Since knowledge is key, I am always seeking ways to advance myself both personally and professionally to give my clients the best service they deserve. I am highly motivated by witnessing others reach their goals and strive to always have a mentoring heart. I also possess a strong commitment to always putting my clients first and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible outcome. This, in conjunction with an entire team of billing experts who share the same core values, guarantees the delivery of unparalleled services and results. Bottom line, we LOVE what we do, and our reputation is best known for serving clients as if we were serving our very own practice.

Founder & CEO


My name is Luisa Uribe

Before working remotely, my 13 years of dental assisting and insurance experience allowed me to become an office manager and help grow a start up office in Florida. I miss assisting the most, as the clinical aspect of our dental world is fascinating. I joined Paragon Dental Solutions in 2021 as an Insurance Billing Specialist. I quickly gained the nickname "Wiki of Appeals" due to my skills in compelling the insurance companies to pay for the treatment our providers complete. I truly enjoy working on difficult accounts as it allows my knowledge and skills to shine and bring tranquility to our providers. In addition to serving practices with their billing needs, I hold the position of Chief Process Officer at Paragon. My role as CPO allows me to support developing and maintaining the absolute best policies and procedures to ensure every single practice receives our services exactly as promised. Performing both roles with our company gives me a unique perspective that helps us continue to grow and evolve as needed within our industry. Currently, I live in Jacksonville, Florida, with my partner Josh and our dog, Ash. When I'm not working for our providers and their offices, you can find me hiking, hanging out with my family, or cooking new recipes. I also enjoy arts and crafts. I was born and raised in Colombia until I was 11 years old; thus, I am fluent in Spanish. If I am servicing your office, please know that I will make sure to meet and exceed your expectations.

Chief Process Officer


Brittany McNutt

My dental journey started with a best friend helping me get a receptionist position. There, I discovered a passion in working in dental and the many challenges brought day to day. I worked my way to being the office manager within a year and now have 11+ years of experience. When I'm not working I am enjoying time with my husband and 3 children. We built a house in Texas near family and enjoy spending time together. I strive to provide excellent customer service and be the best team member I can be. 


Ready to transform your practice?

Mental Note: 

take the risk.

Don't let the unknown  

stop you from progressing.

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